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Site not showing up


I’ve forked the angular example from the Github repo (builder/examples/angular at master · BuilderIO/builder · GitHub) to test out how builder works, so far it’s been a very nice experience, we have tried to build pages with the UI builder and we got some pages working, right now we are having an issue that this particular page, is not showing up after published, it used to work perfectly Builder: Drag and Drop Page Building for Any Site the preview link works fine but not the actual page link, and it’s only happening to this page, if I create a new page it gets published without any troubles.

Thanks so much for reaching out! We’ll take a look at your page + setup to help you solve the issue.

Hey Kara,

Thanks for taking a look at this, were you able to see what the issue with that page is?

Hi @code4cloud,

I took a look at what was going on here and was able to fix it for you. It turns out you found a bug!

What is happening is that one of the blocks in your /online-store content entry had an empty data binding in it:

This caused the pre-render step in our API to error out and not return the proper content for the page. I went ahead and removed that empty binding to fix your content. If this happens again before we can fix the bug, luckily it is easy to fix on your end: just make sure to remove any empty bindings by hovering to the right of the binding and clicking the x that shows up

Thanks for your patience, and for uncovering a bug we will fix so you and other users won’t run into it again!