Some fonts are not loading on mobile

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some of my fonts aren’t loading on the page this only seems to effect mobile. same is happening in the details section of . this is a new issue. i have a feeling doing some kind of hard cache purge will fix it. is there a way to do that? otherwise, and suggestions?

Furthermore, i cant seem to upload fonts at Drag and drop page builder and CMS. none of my font files are selectable, whether ttf, woff, or woff2

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NextJS, react, Shopify

Hi @fakejohnpope, are you still having trouble with this? I checked out the two pages you mentioned and was not able to reproduce your issue. The fonts looked consistent across desktop/tablet/mobile.

As for the font uploads, you may need to turn off the Custom Files filter in your file explorer to make your fonts selectable. You can do this on a Mac by clicking the Options button.

Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 1.36.51 PM