Some symbols added to page are not clickable or editable

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I created a page on Builder and added a few Templates that contain Symbols. Most work as expected but one is not clickable nor editable after I added it. If I duplicate the page, then the symbol works (I can select it and edit it’s contents) so I do have a workaround, but I would like to know why this happened so I can avoid it in the future.

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Hey @lburtness welcome to the Builder forum. Could you please share the Builder Content Entry link of the symbol where you’re experiencing an issue as it this will me further my investigation?

Here is how to find it:

Thanks in advance!

Hi sheema,

The symbol in question is here which has been used to make a Template, which then I used on a Page here. The problem I’m seeing is happening on the Page.


Hey @lburtness I can edit the symbol on this page and I created a test page as well. I was able to edit that as well. Here is a loom for reference. Let me know if I am missing something here.

@sheema The problem Symbol is further down on the page. I cannot edit the text “Heading 2 test goes here” or anything in that Symbol.

@sheema I’m having the same issue here (same instance of Builder)

@lburtness This issue appears to be quite unusual. Could you please provide details on how this specific block was added? I am unable to replicate the problem when adding this symbol again on either this page or a test page.

I have this problem too. Sometimes after dragging a template into the Visual Editor I cannot select anything to make changes. Only components added after that are work normally. The issue persists even after a hard refresh. But it only happen on specific entries so we have to delete those entries and create new ones in place. Dragging the same template on new entries doesn’t have any issue.
It happens on rare occasions. But very annoying