SSR page is reloading on the client

Performance Issue with Next.js + Page: Inconsistent Loading Behavior

We’ve encountered a significant lighthouse performance discrepancy on our website Payments and much more – Barion, which is a Next.js + page. Initially, with the invaluable help of your support, we managed to ensure that all symbols work correctly during server-side rendering (SSR). This was a significant accomplishment.

However, upon enabling JavaScript on the client side, a perplexing issue arises. It seems that the content appears to reload entirely, leading to poor performance metrics and missing content during the first load for users. This behavior is impacting the site’s user experience and, subsequently, our performance metrics.

Request for Assistance:

We are reaching out for support in understanding the root cause of this issue. Why is the content seemingly reloading when JavaScript is enabled on the client side, causing performance degradation and missing content on the initial load?

Without js, only SSR:

With js on the client on the first load:

And after it succeedes the loading everything looks fine:

We have attempted to troubleshoot the problem internally but haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact cause of this behavior. Any insights or guidance you can provide to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and assistance in addressing this critical matter. We’re eager to rectify this issue promptly to ensure an optimal user experience on our website.

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