Svg image support


I have the same component, the upper is code component, the bottom is a symbol.

They both have the same image url, which is an .svg file, and you can see the difference between the two icon I guess.
Does image support svg? Because as I saw, the options are png,jpg, jpeg etc, but no svg.
If this is true, I am very disappointed, if I did anything wrong, please let me know! Drag and drop page builder and CMS


Hey Kristof,

Thanks for your question! We have been making improvements to SVG handling and continue to do so. Our latest updates to the SDK provide better support for statically uploaded SVGs. You can also try adding your SVG with a custom code block. In your case though the SVG images in your symbol are dynamic. If our built-in component is not working well for your use case it would be better to create a custom component in your react code to render dynamic SVGs at this time.