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SVGS not loading in builder

Hi! I am having an issue where when I upload an SVG to builder, it shows as a blank space. SVGs are the only file that don’t show up blurry so would really like to get this solved :slight_smile:

Hi @lulimag,

Can you share the link to the Builder page you’re uploading the SVG to?

Hi @maddy, so now it’s loading but incompletely (it’s missing the product images). For reference, it either happens that the photo uploads and is incomplete or it uploads and is just fully white. This is the link: Builder.io: Drag and drop page builder and CMS. It is the 3rd slide in the hero image carousel (green). The page name is “New Homepage”.

Hi @lulimag ,

The third image in the carousel looks as expected on my end. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what it looks like on your end? Thanks! Alternatively, you could insert a custom code block and paste in the contents of the SVG file to see if this gives the desired results.