The vue section of getting started is missing

on this page, Integrating Pages - the vue selection is the only one that doesn’t display instructions:


also just checked svelte and its section just say “add some code”

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Hi @testingbuilder! Great catch. We’re currently working on those two and I must have inadvertently published the placeholders! I’ve just removed them but it might take a refresh for them to go away on your end. Thanks so much for sharing! :pray:t3::cherry_blossom:

Hi there, looks like vue & svelte are missing from Integrating Pages - now.

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Hi @TechAkayy! Thanks for the heads up. Those tabs were inadvertently published as we’re still working on getting those code snippets in there. Could you try refreshing? They should disappear. Getting them in is in the active queue, so hopefully we’ll have them out soon. It should look like this: