Timed promotional content (image/text)

How can I set an expiration date/time for certain content?

Let’s say I have a product that is discounted for a certain amount of time.

Promo image “valentines-promo-productA.jpg”
Promo text “10 Roses for $20. 50% Discount Valid Until: 13 February”.

Promo (image/text) valid until: Date/Time.

Normal image “productA.jpg”
Normal text “10 Roses for $40”.

After the set date/time the image & text will automatically go to the fallback image and text.

How can I set this up in builder?
Thanks for extra brain! :grin:

Hi John,

Thanks for reaching out to support!

It sounds like the best use case for this would be to use Symbols and schedule them. We have a great piece of documentation that can be found at the link below: