Trying to open a local page in Visual Editor but can't authenticate

I am trying to integrate with my company’s react platform, and I’m trying to get the visual editor to work. When I try to go to the page I am using to test, I hit my company’s login page (because all of our pages are behind auth). The thing is, I’m not able to type in the email/password text fields on the page in the visual editor; whenever I click one of the fields, it automatically is unselected. If I type one character at a time, I can get the credentials in the text input, but then when I hit login, it gives me an error regarding “allow-forms”. Has anyone had a similar issue, or know how I can resolve it?

Hi @Luke, Welcome to the Forum!

You can try using the Builder Chrome extension. Refer to Builder Chrome extension - then enable form submission from model settings.

Try this out and let us know if this doesn’t help!