Trying to understand noTargeting and why its breaking my visual editor

I’m trying to understand why this is happening to my visual editor. I’m trying to create environments in my space using this guide.

My goal is to have builder only get pages marked as development when I am developing new components and code and then get production pages when the codebase is in production.

It works, but there is a weird visual thing happening with the editor. In the first screen shot when. my content is being pushed down and the blocks are being squished into the middle of the page.

for some reason though, if I comment out the options: { noTargeting: true} in the getStaticPaths function, it fixes the problem. How exactly does noTargeting work, and why does it resolve my problem when i comment it out?

I have attached a ss of relevant code as well.

Screenshots or video link

Hi @mflores noTargeting is telling the builder.getAll call to ignore any userAttributes or targeting that might limit the pages that are being returned, so it shouldn’t affect styling necessarily. If you console.log the pages with and without that part commented out are you seeing a difference in what is being returned?

Hey Tim,
I did not see any difference when I console log the pages.

@mflores it is difficult to trouble shoot on my end, I am not able to reproduce. If you could provide a fiddle of the broken page or somewhere we could reproduce easily that would be very helpful in digging into the issue.