Unable to upload cropped images

We have integration of Cloudinary with Builder.io .
Here , we are unable to upload any image after cropping it in cloudinary , however uploading without cropping works .

I reached out to Cloudinary support first , but they redirected me to you .

Here is a loom explaining the issue : Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom
Account : Kroma Wellness
Test page : Builder.io: Visual Development Platform

Hi team , is there any update on above ?

Hello SrittamMishra,

Would you be able to share any error messages in the Browser console you receive when attempting to upload to Cloudinary after an image Crop?

A screen capture of the issue occurring would also greatly assist in our investigation.

Hey @JuliusGD / Builder team ,

Here is a loom showing you the console , however i don’t see any errors . Let me know if you need any more info from me .

Hey @JuliusGD , did you get a chance to check on this ?

Hey Builder team , could you please let me know on above ?

Can i get an update here please , this is getting delayed heavily , is there someone who can assist me here ?