URL Best Practices for SEO

Within Builder you can target content to any available URL within your domain. But what URL you set a page to can directly affect the SEO ranking of a page. So what are some best practices when selecting what URL to target a page to?

When choosing a page URL, it should meet the needs of both users and searchers. URLs should be easy to type, speak, and should include descriptive keywords of the content.

How long should your URL be? Most browsers can do about 2000 max characters, but it is best practice to condense that down to 3-5 descriptive keywords or keep it 60-75 characters, as that helps improve click-though rates. Shorter URLs also look more “attractive” and are easier for users to understand and scan. Also the search URL view (like on a google search results page) is usually 200-300 characters, so longer URLs will be hidden.

To sum up:

  • make the URL keyword-rich
  • keep it simple and easy to read
  • 3-5 words or 60-75 max characters to keep the URL fully visible in search engine view
  • use hyphens to separate words

And thats it! Try these tips when creating your next URL for content entries and see if your SEO scores improve!

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