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Various Technical Questions around Blog Functionality

Do you have a fiddle of a blog page example? Do we create another page model for our blog so that our normal page model doesn’t include blog specific fields ?

How do we include additional page models in Angular do we just pop multiple components in our app ?

We want specific URLs with each blog page so we assume this is the best way to do it, rather than using sections like your example ?

On my actual blog page how do I link things like Author, Title Description to my blog page model data .

Hey Justin,

I edited the question a bit removing some of the copy and paste timelines from our previous thread in hopes that it would make this a thread others can benefit from as well. Let me know if there’s anything missing!

Hey Justin,

This guide should answer your blog questions! We follow the same structure to manage our own blog at builder.io/blog

Hi There Kara,

Thanks for this much appreciated. All my questions are answered except for the last one (because we are using a page model for this). How do I bind on page data on a given page to the model data of that page ?


Hi @50DN , try binding to context.builderContent.data.{{ custom field name , camel cased}}