Webp image support seems hit or miss

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I don’t have any specific pages to share at the moment because I had to recreate all of my pages and symbols with PNGs to go live. What I’m seeing is that webp files never load in the following cases:

  • When used as a background image on a Block
  • When used in a symbol, anywhere

They tend to be very flaky otherwise as they’ll show up sometimes and not show up others, even with no changes made to the Builder page.

Note that this is happening on all new browsers that have native support for webp, so it shouldn’t be a browser support issue. Am I doing something wrong with webp?

Hi @chtbks-jason, hope you’re doing well!

We’re sorry for any inconvenience. I’m able to reproduce the part of issue and we’re investigating it further for the fix. We will update you asap!

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Heyy @chtbks-jason, I’ve created a Jira ticket on this and we will update you when the fix releases to production. In the meantime, as a workaround, you can try to add &format=webp to the background image URL at the end.

Feel free to reach out if you’ve further concerns!

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@garima Thanks for the update, and the suggested fix for the background images. I look forward to a resolution!


Hey, I was wondering if there has been any resolution to this bug?