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What if I want to move off of Builder.io?

In the event you’d need to move off of Builder, we’d be sad to see you go, but we are here to support you.

Live content

The first important thing to know is even if you stop paying for Builder.io, we do not take down your live content. Any live content served by our APIs will continue to work on your site, your site will not suddenly be broken or missing content.

Failing to pay for your proper plan any longer only results in no longer being able to edit your live content through Builder.io’s web application until you subscribe again.

Exporting data

You can use our content APIs to export all of your Builder content as JSON. For instance, you can use these APIs to copy all of your Builder data to your own database, and render it manually as described here
Alternatifvely, you can use @builder.io/cli to save all your published content to your local file system.
Additionally, you can also export any Builder content to clean code of the framework of your choice (React, Vue, Svelte, etc) using our open source JSX Lite project

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Is this a good way to do backups from our content from builder?
Would this process work to export images as well?

Yeah, just want to make sure you saw this which is linked in the post above - Using the CLI to import builder spaces to your filesystem

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