What's the best option for a Shopify Agency handling multiple Shopify stores?

I work for a Shopify agency. We need to be able to build many landing pages for different clients and we want to reuse the sections we build across these clients’ stores. Builder.io looks like a very good option with its Shopify plugin. I’m just not sure how I could integrate multiple Shopify Stores in Builder.io.

Hi Gabriel,

You would need to set up each Shopify store individually with Builder.io. You could create multiple spaces and set up each space with a store. With this setup, it would be possible to reuse content by registering global symbols

You are also able to copy your content between spaces

Hi, Alexander Thanks for your answer. So, I would be required to create multiple spaces. Does this mean I’d have to be on the Enterprise plan?

Nope! Any plan can create multiple spaces.

If you’re looking at our pricing page (Pricing - Builder.io) you may notice that each non-enterprise plan comes with “1 space.” This does not mean that you can only have 1 space per organization, it means that paid plans only apply to 1 space each.

So, for example, if you needed the Basic plan features and have 3 spaces, you can sign up for 1 Basic plan subscription for each of your 3 spaces.