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Can I support this page builder system to my many sellers in one eCommerce project?

Hello, everyone!

This is Francisco Guzman from Mexico.

I already created an account for builder.io and integrated this system into my next.js app.

So I can see the page I built in builder.io in my next.js app.

But I have a question regarding this system.

My project is a multi-vendor eCommerce system.

Sellers can create their own store and upload their products to their stores.

I’d like to provide my sellers the page builder for several pages such as the cart page, and storefront page so that they can customize their own cart page and storefront page.

Is this possible if I use this system?

Hi Francisco,

Thanks for reaching out! It sounds like what you trying to accomplish would fall under an App Spaces partnership. I know you’re discussing your specific use case with our sales team so we can provide more details.

Thanks for your kind reply.
I will check more about the system and let you know if I have any questions more.