How to integrate builder io with a laravel Next.js Headless ecommerce multi-tenant SaaS backend app

Hi everyone. I am very excited to join builder io forum.
Please advise if it is possible and how to integrate Builder io to a laravel next.js headless ecommerce multi-tenant SaaS backend application, so that every tenant or just the ones that have builder io enabled in their dashboard can use it to build their own drag and drop websites and/or landing pages?


Welcome to supports a large variety of frameworks. You can take a look at the docs here. To integrate Laravel you can consider using Builder’s Write API or Making Your Own Plugin.

Sheema thank you very much for your reply.
My question now mainly is once builder io is integrated to my multi-tenant SaaS app, if each one of the tenants on their dasboard of my app are going to be able to build their own websites using builder io?

It should work as long as the tenants have their Builder accounts. You would need to do this programmatically.

Hi @Shemma,
Thank you for your answer. So then this cannot be done from Builder io open source.

@ADNATECH that is correct. You cannot do it directly and would need to do it programmatically.

@Sheema thank you very much for your kind answers!