Wildcard/dynamic slugs for page models?

What are you trying to accomplish
I would like to create a new content page that can take a slug value and then use standard/custom components in the visual editor. I can get a dynamic preview working if I build the page in code, but I’m hoping to build a dynamic page in the visual editor that can pull in custom components and reference the slug from the URL. As far as I can tell, pages can only be created with static URL paths. Am I missing something or is this just a current limitation of the system–content editing but no visual editing of dynamic pages like blog posts or product details?

Hey @toddsampson Creating dynamic pages that utilize the slug from the URL directly within Builder.io’s Visual Editor is indeed possible and one of the core features that make Builder.io a powerful tool for developing dynamic content-driven websites.

Here is a guide from our documentation which gives you a step by step guide.

Thanks Sheema. I can get dynamic preview urls working. But I was looking for a way to let non-developers edit and add additional components to these dynamic pages using the Builder UI. Is that possible?

@toddsampson you can code your custom components and the non developers would be easily able to add the components from the Visual editor. Let me know if that is what you are looking for.