With Uncaught (in promise) Could not evaluate in iframe, doesnt exist!

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Builder content link
e.g. Builder.io: Visual Development Platform
Builder.io: Visual Development Platform

Builder public api key
go to Builder.io: Visual Development Platform and copy your PUBLIC api key

What are you trying to accomplish
e.g. I want to integrate builder on a landing page
I can see the preview page but a drag-and-drop thing doesn’t work at all
when I check the layers panel, the components are added and query parameters attached, but whenever I clicking the components, but its not being shown on the preview.
when I see the dev console, I see error messages like this:

  • Attestation check for Topics on https://builder.io/ failed.
  • Uncaught (in promise) Could not evaluate in iframe, doesnt exist!
    how should I try to resolve the issue?

Screenshots or video link
Screenshots of your issue, or even better a link to a video of what is happening or what you are trying to accomplish. We love using loom for that sort of thing

Code stack you are integrating Builder with
e.g. NextJS, react, Shopify
nextjs14, react18

Reproducible code example
If you are having integration errors, please link to codesandbox or copy and paste your problematic code here. The more detail the better!

Hey @heejin this looks like an issue with how you have named your page model. You need to change the model name in your integration code. Update BuilderComponent and builder.get call modal name to “test-page”.

Yeah you’re right. Seems like in the app router document sample code (Integrating Sections - Builder.io) the BuilderComponent is missing model props so it’d be better to be updated it for other people. Thanks!