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Adding hamburger menu in theme of nextjs-builderio

Hello, I’m using the nextjs-shopify theme. I want to add a hamburger menu on tablet and mobile views. But since it’s a custom component I need to add it it in code. However I have 0 development experience in nextJS. I am a marketer only using builder as a visual page builder.

How do i go on adding a hamburger menu in the theme?


Hi @qasimraza :wave:

One option would be to create a new section model (e.g. named Hamburger menu). If you scroll to the bottom of the model page, it will provide you with a snippet of code that you can copy and paste into your header’s code.

Once you add this to your code, you can set your model’s editing URL to point to your site. Lastly, you can create a new hamburger menu entry and a “+ add block” will display in your header and you can drag and drop the hamburger menu template there.