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Adding mandatory review step in before publishing


We are just switching over to builder.io. Part of the reason is to free up the marketing team to create and manage pages on the website without having to hit technology. As this is new to many people, we want to put in a mandatory review by someone else before a page can be published. Does builder.io support the idea of process control?

Regards, Richard

Hey Richard,

You might be able to achieve some of what you are trying to accomplish using roles. Roles are used to grant permissions to users to access and perform certain features and tasks. You can even create custom roles, which are available on our Enterprise plans. While we don’t currently have an option to limit publishing built into our UI, it could be achieved using our APIs and spaces features. An example of how to achieve this would be:

  1. Create two identical spaces, one named staging and the other production.
  2. Add a data model called Approved pages in the staging space that has a list of references to the pages and a flag to approve each one. You can limit access to this model by user role
  3. Add a webhook on the Approved pages model to copy all referenced pages that are approved from the staging space to the production space.

That being said, I definitely see how helpful it would be to have this feature built in to the UI, and I’m going to send this suggestion over to our product team! They love receiving user feedback, and most new features are released as a result of users’ comments we send over to them. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Thanks - will give webhooks/roles a go.