Create Approval Workflow for publishing content

Code stack you are integrating Builder with

Problem : Need to know the flexibility of getting the content approved before publishing the page.
Checking the document Extending with Plugins - there is a section for the worklfow

import { Builder } from '';
const { designerState } = require('').default;

function WorkflowButton(props) {
  return <div onClick={launchApprovalModal}>
     Pending approval

Builder.register('editor.toolbarButton', {
  component: WorkflowButton,

Can anyone please help how this can be achieved.


Hi @shaileshbassi , this is absolutely possible through a plugin, although we have a native feature for approval workflows that went live few days ago:

you can test it if you’re on admin on enterprise space, hit cmd+ctrl+a and switch your role to any role that doesn’t have publish permissions, and you’ll see this button instead of publish