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Editorial workflow


Is there a way to do some kind of editorial workflow where content needs to be approved by someone higher up before it can be published? Our customer wants to be able to validate the content his writers put out and then publish it when it’s good. I know there is a scheduling feature, but I’m talking about a workflow like this.

  • Editor changes a page and saves it but can’t publish it.
  • Editor-in-chief proofreads the content and has changes to be made or approves the content.
  • Editor-in-chief publishes new content.

For example Prismic has this flow in place where you first need to save changes before you publish. Netlify CMS also has this option and even to use a KanBan board for it.

Curious what the options are.

Hey @gijsbotje !

We are already excited about this idea, and have started thinking about it at Worklows (review/approval system) | Ideas. Please feel free to follow the topic for development updates and to express your interest!

Thank you!