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Allow bulk operations for pages

It would be great to allow bulk operations for pages from the UI. So, next to PUBLISH and PUBLISH, we could allow:

  • Clone
  • Delete

This will speed up some of our workflows, significantly.

Thanks! I hope this request gets into your roadmap as I guess it won’t be that hard to implement.

Hi, Jacob! Thanks for reaching out.

I will add this to our feature requests :grin: For the time being, you can archive pages in bulk. We generally recommend archiving instead of deleting so you can always have access to old content.

Thanks for the tip @maddy!

In our particular case, we do miss delete capabilities as we have lots of test pages created under specific test models. House cleaning will be far more easier if we can just wipe them out with 2 clicks instead of having to load each page and clicking the delete button.

We will keep an eye on the cloning/deleting feature!