Mass deletions and archives

I was wondering if there was a way to mass delete an entire model and its data without completing eliminating the schema. I did notice that you can archive items however I’m not sure if that saves a copy safely somewhere or permanently deletes it.


Hi @davedbase, Thanks for contacting the forum. We hope you’re doing well.

Response 1#: There’s no option to mass deletion yet. I will add this to our feature requests. However, you can delete each content page by clicking the three dots icon in the far upper right of the screen and selecting delete:

Response 2#: Yes, you can perform bulk archive and it saves a copy safely.

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To access archive content, please have a look at this post: Where does Archive lead to

I have almost 4000 pieces of content to purge, deleting page by page is unacceptable. At minimum it would helpful if Builder displayed more rows on the editor UI and allowed full hard deletions. That would make it far easier to delete these references.

Hi @davedbase, I understand your concern but unfortunately, at moment, this feature doesn’t exist in editor!

  1. If you don’t want to bulk archive the entries then to workaround this I suggest You may delete the whole space and move needful content into another space. You may find steps Copying content from one Space to another here : Spaces -
  2. You can do this programmatically using our API.Please have a look into this: Write API -

let us know if you have further questions, happy Monday:)