Ajax Cart Integration shopify

I’m looking to add custom targeted upsell/cross sell on to my cart using Builder.

The help docs just say “If you’re using an ajax cart, contact us to help install”

So was wondering if there were any guidelines or help on this front.

Hi @cranetrain! I would be happy to help. Can you share the public API key for your Builder space? You can find this in your account settings. If you could also clarify which theme you’re working on, that would be great!

Thanks so much Maddy!

Public key is 76138fab33074e448b238c24a3d540b3

Current theme is “Updated to 4.4 Streamline - NY 2022”

Thanks! If you haven’t already, you will want to create a custom section model like mentioned in the doc you shared above and copy the include code snippet provided. In your themes code, your ajax cart file is cart-drawer.liquid. You can paste the Builder model snippet in this file wherever you would like the Builder content to display.

The Builder model snippet uses include, but some themes don’t allow include usage. If this is the case with your current theme, you will see an error: include usage is not allowed in this context. This can easily be fixed by switching the Builder model snippet and model file to use render rather than include. If you have trouble placing the Builder model snippet where you would like it to display, let me know and I’d be happy to assist further.

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