Automating translations

Hi guys!

I hope you are doing great. my question is _is there any way we can automate translations like i have few localization options in my site so when i enable localization on fields. we have to paste content for each language.
Can i do something i just put default text and it automatically translate and populate localized field. as if i copy paste default text to some other language and use builder’s AI feature “translate to french” it translate the field.
So i’m hoping some workaround to auto translate my fields. Thanks

Hello @mohsin,

To facilitate automated translation, you can leverage third-party localization tools such as Phrase or Smartling. We have plugin support for both of them. You can explore the documentation for a detailed guide:

@manish-sharma thank you for this … it helped a lot.

@manish-sharma our team of translators are using Lokalise. Do Builder have a plugin for this platform? Or a suggestion on how to automate this? Thanks in advance!

Hello @mstekl,

While a Lokalise integration is not currently on the Builder roadmap, since Builder is completely headless and API-based, you can absolutely connect to Lokalise without a native integration by building your own private plugin. To do this, we recommend you utilize one of our existing translation integrations as a reference (Phrase, Smartling).

Thanks for your insight @manish-sharma - Just to be clear, in order to build my own private plugin for Lokalise, we’d need to purchase Enterprise plan, right?

Hello @mstekl,

That is correct, creating private plugin will require Enterprise plugin, however, all plans can create and submit Builder Plugins. When you’re ready to contribute your plugin, head over to GitHub and submit a PR. Make sure to add your plugin to the plugins directory.