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Bash:builder command not found

Dear builder folks,
i am having trouble with running the application.
I installed builder globally. I cd’ed into my directory nextjs-shopify-master. Then I ran,
npm install --global “@builder.io/cli”. Builder was installed just fine.
But when I run the command-
builder create --key “” --name “” --debug, I get a bash:builder command not found. What is the reason? Help, please.
I am using a mac btw. Is it because I haven’t registered in Shopify? Your help will be appreciated.

ps- I have inserted the key from my builder.io account, and also written the app name.

Hey @Jay.Rajkumar, thanks for reaching out! Can you please send my the Public API key for your Builder space? (Feel free to DM me if you’d like). Thanks!

do you think it was an issue with the key, or with the command?

Hey @Jay.Rajkumar, this appears to be an issue with your terminal setup if the builder command was not found. If you’d like us to investigate, would you mind sharing reproduction steps, a code sandbox, or a github repo and we’ll take a look.

Dear Kara, I downloaded the zip from this location- GitHub - BuilderIO/nextjs-shopify: The ultimate starter for headless Shopify stores.
I didn’t fork, or clone the repo. Just zipped it and extracted to my desktop. Once inside the repository, tried the following commands.

npm install --global “@builder.io/cli” (this worked fine)

builder create --key “” --name “” --debug (this failed)

Did i answer your question?

Hey @Jay.Rajkumar,

It seems like there may be a NPM-related configuration problem in your system. Not finding the builder command indicates that $PATH is not properly configured.

Can you try prepending npx to the builder command? Such as:

npx builder create --key “” --name “” --debug

If this doesn’t work, I would recommend checking your NPM/Node.js installation.

If you installed the builder cli globally and yet you’re still getting builder command not found you can fix this issue by following the accepted answer here https://stackoverflow.com/a/15623632/3109205