Builder Accordion by default open

Can we make the Builder accordion by default open?

Hi @samnagaraj, Hope you’re doing well!

This seems possible to me. Please share the link to the builder content where you’ve implemented the Accordion so I can suggest a suitable solution!

Hi @garima

Please use this builder content link

Thanks for sharing the link @samnagaraj but I’m not seeing any accordion implementation on the shared page so I can try a suitable solution!

Seconding this question. I used the default accordion component. Is there a tutorial on how making one be open automatically?

@cedson , Do you mean the Accordion block from Layout? (Just asking so we are on the same page because there are multiple examples of accordions in our featured templates too like FAQs etc.)

Hi @garima , yes that is the one.

@garima Yesterday only we have changed the functionality without accordion because we couldnt able to do the default open.

I will create a test page and share it

Just following up here @samnagaraj to see if you could share the test page please?

Hi there - also looking for a solution to this.