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Builder block error

Hello I’m getting a “builder block error” when adding a shopify product to my site. I can add a shopify product in certain forms but not in others. Note their are errors being printed to the console too.

Live site - https://aquaflame.vercel.app/

![image|690x388](upload:// 14pSBzRHST776oVN8Ly9hpG4lR.png)


Hi @JoeMatkin ,

After some investigation, it looks like there is a bug in the product box when setting the “on click action” to “nothing.” We will make the update in the product box block to fix this for future product boxes, but to fix this issue in your content now I’d advise setting the “on click action” for the product image to “link to product page.” The other (albeit more complicated solution) is to find the product “image” layer in the layers tab, select it, click on the “data” tab, find the “href” binding, and then remove that binding.