ATC, Product Prices and Collection links not working on landing page

Hi Builder forum,

I have a landing page I’m working on that has some issues I can’t quite figure out.

There are three shopify product blocks that have multiple errors:

  • ATC button does nothing
  • Product price is displaying incorrectly. The ‘compare at price’ is the only one showing, rather than the actual product price.
  • The third item has a variant selector. When the variant changes, the product price does not.
    This is for product blocks called “Iced Tea Trio”, “Lucent Iced Tea Brewer by ForLife” and “Top 10 Iced Teas”

And also there’s a shopify collection block which has the click action set to link to product page, but clicking the products does nothing. Hover action is set to swap image, but that doesn’t work either.
This is for the block titled “Unforgettable Iced Tea Flavors”

I feel like something is broken between this page and shopify. I’d appreciate any help.
Thank you,

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Builder public api key

Code stack you are integrating Builder with

Any thoughts? I’m stuck with this project and can’t deploy until I get these bugs worked out. I would sincerely appreciate any advice you can offer. Thank you.

@maddy I’d really appreciate your help troubleshooting this one. Thank you.

Hi Ashinn! Apologies for the delayed response.

I hope you’re doing well.

Could you please confirm, what functionality are you trying to implement when ATC is clicked?

e.g Add the product to the cart and go to the cart page? or add it to the cart and open the right slide cart?

Hi @manish-sharma, thanks for the reply. The overall site behavior is to add the product to the cart and open the right slide cart. That would be my preference. Thank you.

Hi Aaron! Thanks for your quick response.

We are trying to fix this along with other issues that you have mentioned with priority. Will keep you updated. Thank you!

Outstanding. Thank you.

Hi Aaron! Thanks for your time and patience.

We found that all the issues resolve if you add a new product box to the page and drop the product blocks into it (like the columns block holding the image, add to cart, etc).

If you still have any concerns and questions, then please do reach out to us. Thank you!

That fixed it! Thank you.

I think the errors in this page probably originated in the Sharma Brands - Generic Page template. That template might need some cleanup. Thanks again.

Hi Aaron!

We are glad to hear it’s all resolved now.

Feel free to reach out to us for any further questions. Thank you!