ReCharge widget not showing subscription options

Hi Builder forum,

I’m on Shopify, attempting to embed a ReCharge product (legacy) in a landing page. The ReCharge widget is not displaying anything but a quantity box and an add to cart button. It should show the one time purchase option, as well as the subscribe and save option as well as the discount. I’ve followed the documentation to add the product handle. All the layers in the reCharge widget appear to be present. I’m not sure what’s gone wrong.

Here’s the builder page that’s not working correctly:

Here’s the original Shopify product page that shows the native ReCharge widget displaying properly.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @ashinn!

The widget wasn’t working as expected because the product id was added instead of the product handle in the options tab. I added the product handle in and it should work as expected now!

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Success! Thank you so much.