Recharge widget and variant options


The recharge widget doesn’t seem to work with products that have multiple variant options

changing the option doesn’t update the recharge with so when i add to cart it remain the variant that was selected on page load

The frequency select seems to work

but its always

Variety Pack

How many?:

How do I edit this to listen to the selected variant?

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out to support!

Is this issue occurring for you across all pages including product pages, or only on non product pages?


Just product pages
the recharge widget seems to be using

state.currentVariantId ||

to add to cart but that value is always the default variant id

Interesting! Would you be able to provide a content link of the page you are experiencing this on?

page link

Would you happen to have a Builder content link where can view this integation?\

Looks like this:

Content link

Thank you for that!

We are currently taking a look into this issue and will be back as soon as we can with an update.



Thanks for the reply,

Do you have a rough estimate as to how long?


Do you have any update to this yet?

Hi Nick,

Thank you for your patience.

Unfortunately with the Recharge widget, it does not support variants / subscriptions, and therefore would require the work of a developer to implement a custom solution for this. I just spoke with the Product Engineering team and this is something that is not in the pipeline in terms of a functionality that will be added.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please feel free to reach out if you have any further Builder questions.