ReCharge ATC button not passing item properties?

Hi Builder Forum,

I have a landing page with three prepaid subscription products that have the ReCharge ATC button inside the Shopify product box. The items in question are the three options at this URL: Tea Adventure Box — August Uncommon Tea | Luxury Flavored Loose Leaf Tea and Teaware

These ATC buttons are adding products to the cart, but are not passing subscription variables to ReCharge.

I’ve had ReCharge look at the page and they sent me the following comments and the attached screenshots:

Hmm I just checked again and it looks like the buttons are not working correctly still. Doing a test order would not be necessary to check this. You can check by adding “.js” at the end of the cart URL after adding a product to check for online item properties:

And here is how these should look:

Can you please let me know how I can implement the ReCharge ATC buttons to pass these variables correctly?

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Hi @ashinn,

I am able to reproduce this on my end as well for the three products under “Buy the Complete Tea Adventure Box”. This is occurring because the Recharge template by default selects the one time purchase option, and since you have the “one-time-purchase-wrapper” and “subscription-wrapper” layers hidden it can’t be changed.

If you would like to keep these inputs hidden but have the subscription selected by default, you can adjust the Recharge widgets code. To do this, select the “Recharge – Legacy Subscription Embed” layer → options tab → show advanced → edit custom JS / CSS. Once the code editor is open, search for subscriptionActive:!1 and change it so it reads subscriptionActive:!0. This should set subscription active to true by default and the subscription properties should be passed in.

Thank you! I’ve made the updates and the cart .js is showing almost everything shown in your example.

I’m seeing:

Blockquote “properties”:{“shipping_interval_frequency”:“1”,“shipping_interval_unit_type”:“month”},“quantity”:1,“variant_id”:41905093214365,

I’ll pass this to ReCharge and see if it’s working on their end.
Thanks so much for your help!

@ashinn Of course, I’m glad this worked! If you have any additional questions let me know.