Builder DevTools stuck on installation?

Hi there - I’m not sure what/if there’s an issue, but attempting to integrate Builder with a fresh next.js app continually results in what may or may not be an incomplete install?

I keep getting the stuck on this:

And my console is stuck on this:

Yet, going to the app, I do see this - and am able to launch the dashboard on the site.

So, my main question is - did it fully install, dependencies and all? If not, do I need to install it a different way to avoid this repeat?

Appreciate the help in advance.


If it helps, just checking the components part of the builder sidebar, I only see this:

With no obvious way to add components from the UI

Hey @creativemusic , welcome to the forum! Could you tell us how you installed the dev tools? Did you create the app using the npm init to create an entirely fresh app? Or did the app exist and then you intialized builder dev tools to add to the existing app?

When prompted did you log into a space to associate your space with your app?

Also when you say you are unable to add new components from the UI, do you have existing components in your app and they dont show up in that bar? Or are you expecting to be able to create new components from the dev tools bar that then get generated in the app?

More info on how you got to this state and your expected use cases would be helpful!

Hey Tim,

Entirely new next.js app. Followed the instructions in the devtools docs step by step just to make sure there’s nothing different.

I’m able to associate and log in. And it seems to run normally if I restart the dev server and start building. My main concern is more about if it didn’t actually get all the updates done.

I get the component part now, so it’s not important anymore :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

Great to know you got the component part, feel free to reach out if you have questions.
Thank you!