Builder pages do not work with Safari 12

I noticed when testing one of my production Builder landing pages in Safari 12, the page will load for about a second and then go blank. I watched the network tab and it’s when the JS file is loaded: component—src-templates-page-jsx-bc7611c894a0f1542163.js

I’m using Gatsby + Netlify to deploy but the standard Gatsby index page loads just fine. It’s only the pages with Builder content.

Video of problem;

Please advise

This has to do with the changes made to the Builder Gatsby plug-in as the same site deployed with older version of Builder/Gatsby works fine on older versions of Safari.

I’m wondering how widespread this is and if there’s more than just older Safari that isn’t supported.

Hi @Agency, can you please share which versions of Gatsby and you are using? Thanks!

Hey, thanks for getting back to me.

So the Gatsby version that works with old Safari is: 4.14.0
The Builder/Gatsby plugin that works with old Safari is: ^3.0.1

The Gatsby version I’m using now is: 5.4.2
The Builder/Gatsby plugin that I’m using now is: ^3.0.3

Let me know if you need anything else.
Thank you

Hi @Agency, I tried testing this but was unable to reproduce the behavior. Could you please share a minimal reproduction with Github? Thanks!

Can you share your Github username with me? They are private repositories.

Sure, I just messaged you privately!

Thank you. I sent you a request to 2 repos.

gadget-guide is the one I’m using now that does not work with Safari 12.
upgraded-eureka is the older repo with older gatsby and builder that works with Safari 12.

Were you able to build the sites from the repos? @ancheetah

Hi @Agency , thanks for sharing your repos. I was able to build and deploy with Netlify. It works on the versions of Safari available to us but we don’t currently have a way to test on Safari 12. Can you try upgrading to the latest version of for the time being while we investigate? Thanks!

So you can test across many different browsers manually for free here:

I updated the project to the latest package (2.0.14) and the issue still persists. I can upload a working video if you’d like to see exactly what happens.

Thanks again

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Hi @Agency , I am able to reproduce and we are investigating. I’ll let you know when I have an update.


Hey, is there an estimated timeline to remediate bugs like these? I’m not sure if Gatsby is a huge priority for Builder so maybe it will be awhile? Please advise. Thanks

Hi @Agency , at this time we do not have an estimated timeframe but I’ll keep you posted on any updates.

Hey, just checking in. Any updates for this? These browsers are > 1% users so it’s important that I can reach these users.