Can't upload image/video when input field is localized

Hi Builder team,

We have a problem with Image/Video upload input field. The field was working before with localized: true and we use this to upload different video for each language (each video has a different sound or text inside for each language)

However, we have a problem today when we try to pick and image or video. The browser freeze immediately and when I open the browser console to see the issue, there is a warning Failed to convert to localized field that keep repeating indefinitely. Here is the video Screen Recording 2023-04-11 at - Google Drive

Anyway to fix this issue? or API for use to upload the image with custom plugin?

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Hi @maythee, Hope you’re doing well!

We really appreciate you reporting this possible bug to us, such feedback will certainly help us improve our product. We have raised a ticket for our dev team to investigate this further and deploy a possible fix, we will try to update you as soon as we have any insights on this. Thank you!