File field that allows video and image uploads has confusing messaging suggesting only images accepted

When adding a media file upload that accepts both video and images, the upload prompt and modal seem to suggest images are expected file type. This is going to be very confusing for clients, we’ll have to explain to them in detailed help text or relay serveral times while training that the Builder labeling is inaccurate and to ignore it.

Detailed steps to reproduce the bug
Create a file field with both image and video types allowed.

Screenshots or video link
First prompt when uploading an MP4 suggests Photo file explicitly, should read “file” for file field type.

The second prompt, the file upload modal also explicitly says Photo, when video is permitted.

Code stack you are integrating Builder with
e.g. NextJS, react, Shopify

Reproducible code example
This is the field definition.

  friendlyName: 'Media File',
  name: 'src',
  type: 'file',
  allowedFileTypes: ['mp4','jpg', 'jpeg', 'png', 'svg', 'gif'],
  helperText: '(Required) Uploaded image or video file. Despite messaging video files are acceptable.',
  required: true,

Ah yes, I can definitely see how this could get confusing when it says choose photo but the allowed file types describe that video can be uploaded. I have filed a ticket for this to get this updated.

We appreciate the feedback!