Changes are not happening in real time

have started building pages with Visual editor and having a problem with the changes not in real time.

  1. Every time i modify the page i bit, i have to do all the cache cleaning refreshing to see the result.
  2. the design i did in the Visual editor and the result after running are not the same

Hey @ipar There are a couple caching options you can try. In a development environment you can set cachebust=true to get the latest content. Although we do not recommend turning on cachebust in production as it can slow down performance. You can also play around with the cacheSeconds or staleCacheSeconds options although similarly we recommend sticking to the default values for better performance. One example of when you might want to reduce cacheSeconds is for an announcement bar section that changes content frequently.

You may also find this forum post useful which goes into more detail about how handles caching. Hope this helps!
How long does the cache take to clear after publishing content?