ChatGPT incoming message needs to be parsed or divided in 3 separate fields

I have the following structure with which ChatGPT replies:

return message that contains:

  1. Paragraph 1: text text text …
  2. Paragraph 2: text text text …
  3. Paragraph 3: text text text …

The the return, all 3 paragraphs are coming into one field in one collection.

I need each paragraph to go into a separate field into the same collection.

Paragraph1 goes into field X
Paragraph2 goes into field Y
Paragraph3 goes into field Z

I don’t really know how to do this. Could someone please help?

Thank you! Kind Regards!

Hi @Cosmin, Welcome to Forum!

Could you please clarify if you’re trying to build any sort of message system using our Builder app?

Hi Garima,

Thank you!

I am trying to divide a paragraph with at least 3 sentences into 3 separate cells in a given Collection.
Basically I’m getting the paragraph from ChatGPT (multiple sentences with the following structure:
Correct sentence: Sentence 1
Error: Sentence 2
Correction: Sentence 3

Sentence 1 - i need it to be recorded into the Collection Field 1
Sentence 2 - I need it to be recorded into the Collection Field 2
Sentence 3 - I need it to be recorded into the Collection Field 3

I don’t know how to process/divide these sentences so the correct sentence goes to the correct Field in the Collection.

I hope my explanation helps
Thank you!

@Cosmin Could you please provide a builder content entry link where you’re trying to do this?