Query content, include only certain fields - Error in documentation?

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I want to fetch all content belonging to a model, but only return two fields: name and data.category

It seems like there must be no white space between different fields, otherwise the result will only return the first field.

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The first one has space between name and data.category, as I followed the docs.

const posts = await builder.getAll('pattern', {
  fields: 'name, data.category',

Delete the space between name and data.category:

const posts = await builder.getAll('pattern', {
  fields: 'name,data.category',

Hi @bytrangle, Thank you for bringing this up. I’ll pass it along to the team!

I just spent way too long trying to figure out why my queries weren’t working until I stumbled on this post. Having spaces in the fields string was the culprit.

Definitely would be useful to add this very important gotcha to the docs.

Would also probably be more intuitive and typesafe if fields accepted an array of keys.

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