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Builder CLI: Fetched data limited to 20 items and reference issues


We are trying to copy an entire space so we can relabel the work.

I refer to this thread: Using the CLI to import builder spaces to your filesystem

We have successfully completed the above, but we’ve noticed that instead of getting all of the data it appears to have limited the data fetched to 20 items. We can see this happened in multiple places as we only have 20 fields in the imported set whereas the original has 25+. The left side of the image is the original space and the one on the right is the imported space.

Is there a way around this limitation?

Thanks for your time,

We’ve run into another issue with importing a space and items being referenced.

Any referenced items in an imported space are not being linked up correctly.

I think what’s possibly happening is:

  1. When you export the content, it keeps the old reference ids.
  2. When you import the content into the new space, these items have new ids that don’t match up with the old ids being referenced.

For example, here is an item being referenced. It doesn’t show its proper name and instead has the title “Entry”. The name not updating to the title of the item is an indication that it’s not being referenced correctly:

If I try access an item that was previously referenced by using that id, I get the page that the item does not exist (See next post, I can only add one image per post as a new user)

The references not being linked correctly unfortunately prevents us from using the CLI at this stage to copy our content to new spaces as well as do any backups.

This is the page that loads when the item doesn’t exist.


Hey @martink-rsa, thanks for reaching out! Thanks so much for your feedback. We updated the cli to accept a limit as input and to request the max (100) by default. This is available if you use npm install -g @builder.io/cli@dev

We’re taking a look at your second question as well!