"Chose a template to replace" — modal window not showing all available templates

Let’s assume that the whole template library has 16 templates;
Once I want to use option “replace template with this block” a popup window appear but I can’t find the template I want to update. Because the list in popup contains only 12 templates.

Seems like the scroll is missing in the popup.

Hey @sergey.k welcome to Builder.io forum. It looks like this issue is not reproducible on my end. I am sharing a loom with you from my space where the pop-up is scrollable. Could you share your API key for me to further investigate the issue? → Follow this link for instructions on finding your API key.

Hey, thanks for your loom! Here is an api key: 4faf3a430d1c41eb895b86e57286174f

Hello @sergey.k,

After investigating the issue you reported, it appears to be specific to your browser. We were unable to reproduce the issue on our end, even when using your space and content. Could you please confirm which browser you are using? Additionally, ensure that your browser is up to date. Are there any other scrollable sections that are not functioning properly, or are they isolated to a Choose a Template option only?