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Replace Template - Global

I have been building “templates” within the online Builder editor. I am essentially using them as components to be re-used on other pages.

When I make edits to a template (like Primary Nav), I will use your “Replace template” option. But, I noticed on other pages I have created using that template, the template does not accept my changes. Is there an option that can be created as “Global Templates” that would ensure changes were adopted after repalce?

Hi! Thanks for reaching out.

When you update a template’s content, it will not update everywhere it is used (it will update the saved template so the next time you drag and drop the template onto a page, it will be the updated content).

If you have content you want to use on multiple pages and ensure changes are updated everywhere, you can use symbols. To save components as symbols:

  1. Right-click the content you want to be saved, and select “Convert to symbol”.

  1. Publish your symbol and use it on any page. To use a symbol, you can either drag and drop the symbol component onto your page and select the symbol you want to use in the options tab:

Or you can find your symbol at the bottom of the insert tab:

Now anytime you make changes to your symbol, it will update on every page you’re using it. You can learn more about symbols here: https://www.builder.io/c/docs/guides/symbols

I hope this was helpful! If you have any questions, let us know :grin:

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Awesome! So glad to hear, thank you for share those details