CLI implementation

I need help with CLI method (Try - of implementation for builder.

Please note I am not an expert at next.js or node.js - so I need extra help figuring it out.

So far I have been following these steps:

1 setup a digital ocean instance with a linux system on it

2 use CLI method (Try - of implementation

3 integrate builder with that node.js installation within the digital ocean instance

The reason why I am asking is because it is the easiest way for me to deploy a new project (like I mentioned I am not a coder, so I have a limited understanding of frameworks and need to “figure them out” to make them work).

My question is if this is at all possible to do it the way I am doing it?

If in theory it is possible, this is the step I get stuck on (I did it like 10 times now):

Shared with CloudApp

When I click on the Authorize button, it redirects the page to a url like this:


I guess it is a pingback to the local installation to finalize the Authorize action inside the builder. But my installation is on digital ocean instance - so it is an IP address, and when I replace localhost with the IP address it hangs and never goes anywhere.

So am I not able to implement builder doing it this way (CLI method)?

Hi @almomento,

Welcome to the forum.

Are you getting any errors when using npm init on the digital ocean instance console?

no I am not getting errors.

Just the redirect to localhost after I confirm linking the

do you want me to show you step by step

Yes, if you can share the steps as well as a screenshot of npm init will be much appreciated.