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Collections Pages

We’ve been using a single Collections Page to list all our products. We want to transition to several different collections in Shopify, and a dropdown menu in Builder.

Builder Menu (not published): https://builder.io/content/1832f47b39814daba491f37841c107fb

Collections Page (published, but not showing up on our site): https://superkin.com/collections/apparel

Are there other settings/ configs we need to do?

Hi @miriam.williams, it looks like there might not be any products tagged matching the apparel collection. You can see that the “bottoms” collection is working:

Thanks! figured out what the issue was! A settings issue in Shopify.

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Hi @miriam.williams! The hamburger menu issue on this page is fixed. It shouldn’t appear when the page loads now. Let us know if the issue is fixed on your end :grin: