Configure Builderio to not load google fonts

I would like to ensure that disables loading of google fonts for my application.
For instance, my application has a default font of Roboto configured and I see that when articles are rendered, the roboto fonts gets loaded twice. Once because of the configuration in my app and again because of

How can I disable the roboto font being downloaded.

I tried this configuration, but does not seem to help.

Hello any update on this question?
We have the same problem accessing google fonts and are not allowed by our company to use google fonts

Hi @alex1,

You can possibly check if any text content from the builder is using google fonts by pressing Cmd+E on the text layer, and then scrolling down to data in the JSON view, you will see customFonts for family as shown below image. If there are any such instances then could you please try and remove that JSON node and see if that fixes the issue?

If the above doesn’t help then could you please share your builder content link?