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Creating a product recommendation section for product pages in Builder

  1. Navigate to the models tab (in the left hand side navigation bar), select “+ new model” and create a component model (e.g. called product-recommendations).

  1. Navigate back to the content page and create an entry for each collection (e.g. hit + new entry, choose product-recommendations, and drop in a collection block, e.g. for apparel)

  1. Select the targeting button at the top of the editor and target this to products in collection “apparel”

  1. Repeat steps 2-3 for other collection types and publish

  2. On your product page, delete the current “related products” layer

  3. Add a dynamic symbol by dropping in a symbol block, making the collection “product recommendations” and turning “dynamic” on in the options tab.

  1. Publish the product page

To learn more about dynamic symbols, check out our dynamic symbols doc