Custom Component - Builder doesn't allow to select data binding for input field

we use some data binding and conditional values (BETA), which works perfectly fine.
But as soon as we want to do that in tables, nothing works anymore and the page is hanging up.
Can anyone help here?

Hey @wissem.yahiaoui, and welcome back to the forum! It’s great to see you :wave:

Could you please copy the content link to the page where this hang-up is occurring? From the Visual Editor, copy the link in the address bar that looks like

Thank you!

Hi, the content link is as follows:

The problem appears in every table

@logan first of all happy new year! Any news regarding the issue?

Hi @wissem.yahiaoui ! Could you explain a little about how you’d fill out the conditional values, for the “if” and “then” and “otherwise” fields so I can test it out and attempt to recreate this bug and understand how you’re using the feature? Thank you!

please see the screenshot if I click on conditional value nothing happens and the error is logged in the console

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Can we please get support? I think a call would help!

Hi @wissem.yahiaoui,

While we cannot take phone calls, if you can record steps to recreate this bug in a Loom, it will help us determine what is causing this behavior. Additionally, please provide some additional context for the reason you are using conditional values so that we may help you consider any alternatives that currently exist.

Thank you,

Hi, here the link to the loom

Hi @wissem.yahiaoui, I really appreciate this Loom! It shows all the details of how this feature is being used in your case.

This is a bug that our dev team will need to look into. There are a few details I can ask from you to make debugging as easy as possible. If you can, please share which framework you are using with Builder. Additionally, since you are using a custom Table component here, would you be willing to share the component code with our development team? There’s likely nothing wrong with the implementation, but it will help in testing our bugfix to match your environment as closely as possible. If you can include the code for this custom component in any codesharing platform and share the link, I will include it in the dev ticket!

Otherwise, the inability to select dynamic data via the UI for a custom component’s input has been logged as ticket ENG-2425 and I’ll be watching it for updates so I can share them with you!

Please view this Loom showcasing a workaround for this bug. Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software Let me know if you have any questions!